About Us

Artsome.co is a community-based platform which attempts to fill the lack of education and exposure to art in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a one-stop resource for everything to do with Modern and Contemporary Art in the region. Based on the ideals of being democratic and inclusivethe platform is dedicated to taking art beyond a niche audience.  

Artsome.co is a community driven platform where the content is being created by the artists and art lovers for anyone with a willingness to consume the same. Whether you are looking to buy or browse, Artsome.co has original content for all purposes.  

If you are a creating artist who is struggling to get their works seen, the community at Artsome.co has all solutions for you. With helping you to sell works to peer-to-peer programming and introductions to industry mentors, the endeavour of the platform is for art to become accessible and for artists to be able to focus on creating by taking care of their marketing needs 

Artsome.co is a single point resource to for everyone looking to EXPLORE. UPDATE. EDUCATE APPRECIATE all things Art!