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Varnika prakash

Varnika prakash

My art style is constantly evolving. I don't like to limit the way I express myself visually. My focus, however, has always been more inclined towards portraits and abstract expressionism.

Hailing from a creative background, and finding my academic interests in Human psychology, I've always been driven towards people and behaviors. Portraits can tell stories, sometimes better than words can and I find myself drawn to the faces of the everyday pursuits, candid and moving and flowing. I like to paint these images and experiences in bold and vibrant colors, while my subjects often portray a soft and dreamlike state of being.

My work is a dialogue and reflection of the moods and experiences I take in daily, in a very intuitive, in-the-moment and experimental format. The kind of raw expression that translates into my work through the pulling and scraping of paint, splattering and scribbling, and using different mediums and techniques to inspire that same mood in the viewer that inspired the finished painting in the making.

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A walk in the rain
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