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Prasoon Poddar

Prasoon Poddar

I firmly believes that arts are a way of expression and every individual is capable of it. With this intention, I have worked with different individual and organisations, in the past, and has facilitated workshops and strengthens skills of people to use arts as a tool of expression. I am Bihar based artist, firmly believes in this ideology. My work revolves around this ideology and also extends to different ways in which he engages with arts. I completed my Bachelors and Masters in Fine Arts from Jamia Milia Islamia University with painting specialization

Through my work, I challenges the notion of 'beauty' and 'waste' and brings out multiple dimensions and ways in which individuals engage with public spaces. My work also captures human forms in relation to 'imagination' and 'reality'. My most acclaimed work around currency depicts the binary of 'construction' and 'destruction'. And my latest series challenges the idea that an art is limited to canvas. In my recent work, I have experimented with different materials and challenged the artist in myself only, to bring out different layers so that each surface speaks its own reality. And I also see art in cooking so I love cooking and sharing with my friends (including birds and street dogs)

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