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Abhishek Pandey

Abhishek Pandey

I choose sculpture for studies and always tried to experiment with many mediums. The choice of medium changes depending on the thought and need for the work. The subjects of my works are the social behaviour and spiritual aura

As I am born and brought up in Varanasi, the spirituality came naturally in my thoughts, which got reflected in my recent paintings. While traveling, old architectural forms, such as old city roads and buildings, temples, palaces, etc. capture most of my attention. I felt them alive with the vibes of thousands of living beings that have visited those spaces, since the existence of those stones. Every place has its own vibes resting in its emptiness. I pottery those vibes through my lines and attempt to create movement in the static Architecture forms and historical buildings

The Sculptural works and thought behind them is a lot different than that of paintings. It is more about the social behavior of people with each other. There are a lot of social conflicts present in our society. The facial expressions and body language of an individual display most of their thoughts. With my sculptures of face series I attempted to captivate the judgmental expressions of people towards me in their first look. And as I re alise it and looked around I noticed I was not the only one who is affected by this social behaviour of others

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Vibes of Golconda Fort
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Vibes of Charminar
  • Rs. 7,500.00
Vibes of Kalga House 1
  • Rs. 65,000.00
Vibes of Varanasi Street 2
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Vibes of Varanasi Street 6
  • Rs. 110,000.00
Vibes of Varanasi Street 9
  • Rs. 45,000.00