Art Talk

Review | Srinagar by Praneet Soi | Experimenter, Kolkata

The crude fragments of red with intricate work on them are islands separated by disintegration, and the space at the lower half seems to represent ...

Review | Karl Blossfeldt’s show “Art Forms in Nature” | Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi

 “An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s.” Karl Blossfeldt has epitomized that t...

Review | Impulses in Drawing

“Impulses in Drawing” is a very personal experience for onlookers.

Review | Crossing the Lakshman Rekha – Shakti, Sensuality, Sexuality | Gallery Latitude 28, New Delhi

Crossing the Lakshmana Rekha successfully does that.

Review | Celebration by T. Venkanna | Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India

 a metaphor for the sacred and it is this emptiness that gives rise and questions what we truly are celebrating?

Review | Art of Calligraphy and Beyond | The Aesthetics of Everyday Objects

It incites in us an innate curiosity to learn through the joy of a shared experience by engaging all the senses.

Review | 50 Shades of Red | Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid at Nature Morte, New Delhi, India

This artist duo’s creations have evolved from traditional miniature painting to encompass larger pieces and myriad medium, including paintings, ins...

Review | “Visions of interiority : Interrogating the Male body” by Rameshwar Broota

 Using his own body as a terrain for merciless explorations of the self, Broota arrives at his ‘visions of interiority’.”

Review: ‘71 Running’ by Ray Meeker

Ray Meeker’s installations are imbued with earthy hues and rustic finish, imparting a whiff of pan-Asian influences, particularly Indian and Japanese.

Review of the Shilpa Gupta Solo Show

 The first iteration of this project was commissioned for the 2014 Dhaka Art Summit by the Samdani Art Foundation. At Vadehra, Gupta utilizes vario...

Review of Jyoti Bhatt’s ‘Photographs from Rural India’

Considering that some of the art forms represented through these images are almost extinct, it is in fact a very important slice of history that ha...

Review of ‘Experience and Energy’ by Viswanadhan

What makes the exhibition unique are a couple of things, which add depth and dimension to this extremely seminal show: