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Latest Happenings in the world of NFTs: NFT Vision Hack 2021

This whole event aims to bring together talented people to surpass the notions conceived about the typical Non-Fungible Tokens. Moreover, the organ...

Is NFT beneficial for artists?

Is NFT beneficial for artists? The internet is blowing up with this newfound hype about NFT after Beeple virally sold his NFT piece worth $69 milli...

Mansha Bedi

 UNDERSTANDING THE ARTIST   Mansha comes from a Punjabi family and hails from Delhi. After completing her schooling and spending most of her chil...

Inspiring quotes by Great Artists!

I suggest you copy them and read them as often as you would like them! How about even setting them as wallpaper on your laptop, Ipad, or even your ...

The Grandeur of Delhi Photo Festival 2015: The Specials

 the Delhi Photo Festival, the biennial soiree of light, shadow and reflections is here again.

The Body in Indian Art : Review of exhibition at National Museum, New Delhi

The classical and the folk are set in dialogue with the popular and the contemporary to bear testimony to civilization and its unflagging meditatio...

Is the city an Urban ‘Eden’? : Review of Suhasini Kejriwal’s solo show

It does not contain the surreal imagery and the psychedelic colours which populated her works then.

Interview with Shambhavi Singh at Talwar Gallery, New Delhi

The sheer use of fading browns and pale yellows juxtaposed occasionally with the blackened soot of a diya placed in a tiny niche in the wall comple...

Contemporary Poster Exhibition at Japan Foundation

These posters reflect the new found freedom among poster artist due to the expanse of business and experiments with the design. 

“Reporting from the Front”: The Venice Biennale 2016

 For over a century, it has been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world.

Kim and Kayne

It is actually impossible to separate controversy and the ‘Kim and Kayne’ couple.

Lifetimes | Gipin Verghese at Vadehra Art Gallery , New Delhi, 2014

The minimalistic usage of colour and the linear representation of the human body convey the essence of the philosophy behind the artist’s inspirati...