Art Talk

Exploring the Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta caves are an evidence of the capability and endurance of the Indian artisans during the medieval period who worked under trying circu...

What is This ?

Abstract art in general is indeed abstract.

Women Artists of Note in Contemporary times

Here is a list of contemporary women artists of note who’ve managed to carve a niche

To Doodle or not to Doodle…is not a Question

As opposed to the belief that doodling requires your mind to shut down, it can actually enhance the artistic mind to think. It amplifies creativity...

The Bestsellers

Written by Monica Arora

London, Paris, New York… and Delhi? || Fine tune your art radar with a list of must visit art destinations of the world!

The list below is of the destinations that you should travel and mix heavy doses of art with. Here’s a mini guide for best art destinations from ar...

Make Art, Not War

Let us explore below the evolution of the representation of war:

The Problem of Provenance : How Art-theft and provenance of artwork poses a problem in India and the world

Art provenance has been a long standing issue in the art world. Inexperienced buyers are often mislead by forged ownership histories of bogus art.  

The struggles of a young artist in India

Bubble wrapped. Packed in a box. Rolled up. My paintings were ready to be shipped to Mumbai after completion of a successful degree show. 

The World Goes Pop

These artworks actively engage the audience.

Truth is stranger than fiction

Truth it is said is sometimes stranger than fiction and the following two stories are ample proof of that adage.

Walls with voices: Protest Art on the Streets

 Artsome selects some thought-provoking Street Art from around the world.