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Top Ten Most Expensive Paintings in the world

Here are the top ten most expensive paintings ever sold, and who they were sold to.

Top Ten Controversial Artworks

Artsome lists ten controversial works of art in recent times.

Top Pakistani Contemporary Artists Making It Big Internationally

Here is an attempt to introduce a few shining starts of the Pakistani art scene who are already well known in the western art scene and may achieve...

Beyond the traditional: A têtê-à- têtê with the quirky and the unconventional

We are going to understand an all together new realm of art which is both interactive and for public use.

Beating the Blues with Artsy Beds

When artists use a personal expression of fear, longing and desire it acquires a universal language. In all these works the bed as a metaphor for v...

Aesthetic Consumerism : Photography as Art

One of the key features of photography is that it is immediate and lacks some of the key features of symbolism which art possesses. This immediacy ...

Art and Crime

As renowned British author Dorothy Leigh Sayers states, “The heavier the lashing of the rain and the ghastlier the details, the better the flavour ...

“Art is Anything you can get Away With”

“Art is Anything you can get Away With”

Jahangir Sabavala : a painter and gentleman

Growing up in a highly intellectual environment of Mumbai’s Parsi aristocracy, he was one of the most expertly trained, well-traveled and accomplis...

Is this ‘Food in Art’ or ‘Art in Food’?

Feast your eyes on this amazing collection of Food! Or is it Art? You decide.

In Conversation with Anjolie Ela Menon

Anjolie Ela Menon in conversation with Artsome Director Anubha Jain Gupta and Prapti Mittal

Gesture – Striking the right stroke!

What is it that has such a potential of being credible of a craft which is valued and critiqued upon? It is a ‘Gesture’!